Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Countdown to Geoff's Birthday

Geoff's birthday is today, I'll let him share how OLD he is if he wants to. Last week when I asked the kids what kind of cake we should make Gavin instantly said a Space Shuttle. My first thought was he was remembering the rocket cake I made for Aiden's 6th birthday, so when I asked why he quickly responded with "Because the last launch is on Daddy's birthday!" Genius! Space Shuttle it was...

 Commander Geoff and his 3 cadets.

 Space Shuttle Geoff

 Aiden wanted the candles to go on the back for the burners! These kids are so creative.

Daddy got a new golf bag, golf shorts, golf socks and 
some zip ties - just because they knew he uses them.

Earlier in the day we did watch the last shuttle launch and upon blast off they all cheered (unprompted my me) it was neat to watch with them!

I also dug up the rocket for Aiden's 6th birthday...
Wow, he looks so little to me here.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Firework Paintings

Well, I'm still a bit sad that we didn't get to watch a fireworks show (other than on TV) this year. I did remember making fireworks paintings as a child so that is what we did!

They are fun and easy to do. Water down a bit of paint, drop it on your paper and blow on the drops through a straw until you get your desired "explosive boom". At first I forgot to water down the paint - we called that our test page on the table.

Camille liked to finger paint better, but it still looks like fireworks to me!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July

What a fun weekend! Saturday we had a neighborhood parade that was led by a firetruck! The parade started so quickly I didn't even take any photos of all the kids following behind the truck. Take my word for it - it was cute.

The parade led us to a BBQ feast and pool party.

Where Gavin took his first unassisted jump off the diving board without his swim vest or dad catching him! He just learned to swim in swim lessons 3 weeks ago, I'm really impressed with his progress.

Sunday we went to church and spent some time hanging out with Nana & Papaw, we even snuck in a nap. Then Monday morning we went to the community parade on the square. Watching the bands, trucks, motorcycles, princesses (beauty queens) and other groups was super enjoyable, hot, but fun.
 I made Camille's tutu last year altering the instructions I found here. It is so full and festive, she wore it all weekend.

Having fun running around the maze of bushes after the parade.

We had turkey burgers on the grill with all the fixins which should have been followed by fireworks but due to the rain we thought it wouldn't happen so we stayed home to do our own sparklers - though come to find out they did do the fireworks they just did them early.

 fun with sparklers, that were given to the kids by a good friend!

Our own little firecracker!

Happy Birthday America!