Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth

 The Ringling Brothers and Barnum &Bailey Circus is in town. The littles woke up to a huge surprise.

 This is what I had set up on their little table.

Gavin doing the happy dance.

They open the doors an hour before the show with a pre show. You can go down to the arena floor and see some of the performers up close. They were even giving away clown noses!

I forgot my memory card to my camera at home, took the camera all the way down there too! Thankfully my mom had her iphone so we were able to get a few pics of the show.

It was a great show, with great friends. Not only did we get to go to the Circus, we were in a suite with a lovely catered lunch. Thank you Matt and Kelly for including us!

 Gavin the Clown

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Presidents Day

We had a quick lesson about some of our Presidents, I came across a fabulous coloring book with facts. It was perfect for them each page had a few facts per president. I asked the littles what they would want to do if they were president Aiden would want to teach everyone about Jesus and help the poor people so they wouldn't be cold at night. And Gavin pretty much answered the same, I guess I should have asked Gavin first.

I had wanted them to write letters to the president as well, but it was quite a busy day. 

We also went to the Circus!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Flowers

Over the past few days we have tried to get out to get some fresh air and have the sunshine perk us up. I was so happy to see my crocus begin to peek up out of the ground that means spring is on its way! 

In just one day so many more were blooming! That is the happiest yellow color.

They are showing up all scattered about this area. I love the surprise of spring blooms.

The daffodils have buds forming, they look like they are a day or two away from bursting into bloom.  Gavin suggested we bring a few crocus blooms inside. That sounded like a good idea to me.

So far we have made it a day and a half without someone getting sick. It got to everyone in our family. I hope this is the end of this bug and my mom stays healthy while she visits with us this week. The plus side to this nasty virus is my spring cleaning is almost done... well at least all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who slept through Valentine's Day?

What a day to remember. This year Geoff and I gave each other a virus, aren't we great at sharing everything! We kept all the littles home from school. One, we couldn't have gotten in a car and drive if they had gotten sick at school and secondly to protect others from this nasty bug. 

I was quite thankful we had a nice warm day to sit in the sun while the lysol fumes dissipated. I thought it was oh too fitting when Aiden offered me a bouquet of prickly sweet gum balls. That was what the day felt like. And why did I have my camera with me? I have no idea I chalk it up to exhaustion.

Shared "You Rock" Valentines

We had another idea and the littles decided they would share this one. We glued googly eyes on rocks.

 Then bagged them up similarly to the cookie ones. These are some for Aiden's teachers. They read "You rock at teaching us Bible!" and "You rock at leading and loving us!"

 Gavin's to his friends read "You rock at being a great friend!"

We made a few more for Aiden's class but as I was printing I ran out of magenta ink. 
Blue will work just fine for a boy's valentines anyway, right? This version has a little box of conversation hearts included. Gavin's teachers even got some green ones!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Teacher Valentines

These adorable gumball machines (or as I referred to them as pearl dispensers) came from Walmart 
and were just begging to be personalized.

The tags read "I love you for dispensing sweet pearls of wisdom on my heart."

Gavin's Valentine's Day cards

Gavin wanted to make his friends heart shaped crayons. So that is what we did for his friends. 

 Peeling the wrappers off of crayons isn't as easy as I remember it being when I was a kid.
I preheated the oven to 250. We used ice cube molds from the dollar spot at Target then lined a cookie sheet with foil in case they melted like they did to my friend. I figured for $2 it would be easier than cleaning a muffin tin. It took about 7 - 10 minutes for the crayons to melt.

 I made some cards that said "You color my heart happy!"

 I  had to make some for my fellow Tennessee fans that said "Happy VOLentine's Day!"

Unfortunately I sprayed the molds so my glue dots were not sticking very well.  I wrapped them in treat bags and taped the backs. It would have been cute to put To: and From: heart shaped stickers on the back but maybe next time. 

Aiden's Valentine's Day Cards

His school does a fundraiser during Valentine's Day week. The kindergarten runs a post office, they sell "stamps" for $.05 and you can send a note, card, candy, snack to whomever you like in the entire school. Parents, siblings and grandparents can also mail things which adds and element of surprise and love into their day. 
Then the kindergartners deliver the mail and the money raised is donated to a local school of underprivileged children for supplies, snacks etc. Right away Aiden and I got out his store bought box of cards and he sent one to his entire grade. Then we started working up some special treats. 

This is what we came up with...

It says "You are one smart cookie!" and enclosed is one cookie. I also though it would be cute to do "You are as smart as a whip!" and include a licorice whip... maybe next year?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Camille's Valentine Party

I took a snack into school for Camille and her class to celebrate Valentine's Day. I made pink chocolate chip pancakes, sliced strawberries with a chocolate drizzle!

 I added a dab or red food coloring to bisquick.
 They turned out really cute.
She is all ready to go to her party.

The kids loved them once they got over the fact that the chocolate got on their hands. 
 Aren't they adorable sitting in the table seats.

Not in the clear...the week wasn't over

Geoff and I had gone out of town for the weekend to a couples retreat and no sooner had we gotten there, that we received the phone call of "Gavin's tummy hurts, what should we give him?" Uh, Oh! Here is the ending to our week. We came home early to be with our boy, he did get the stomach bug and we did not get our massage. I sure do hope Gavin didn't get Aunt Heather, Nana & Papaw sick. Come on spring hurry up and get here!
Isn't he just pitiful, he fell asleep just inside the front door. He didn't even have enough energy to go up stairs for his jammies. Remember how much he likes his jammies?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What a week!

Sunday started off like any normal Sunday, though we weren't rushing quite as much as normal, we have started getting ready at 8 for our 10:45 service. This week we were going to be on time. We even coordinated outfits hoping the sun would stay out for a bit so I could grab a few quick photos. Down to the van we went, it would not start not even a little noise, I had left the interior lights on - oops! My super hero husband was going to push it out to jump start it but the gears were locked. He pushed the car forward, rocked it backward, talked nicely to it, turned the wheel back and forth NOTHING. Hmmm, well let's take all the carseats out and put them in the junker and go. And that is what we did - we even arrived at our normal late time for service so no one suspected a thing. I even got a few pics after...

Monday. was a Monday, nothing special other than a dentist appt for the boys. No cavities, yea!

Tuesday. I was driving carpool for both schools, we were trying to get it all together, 3 lunches, coats, backpacks, Valentine treats, therapy bag... all the stuff that goes with school age kids.  Geoff is out of town and Camille had slept in a bit so she was still in her jammies, daddy wasn't here to help out so we loaded up anyway to pick up our carpool route. 

We get to our first school drop off and as Aiden is getting out of the van exclaims "I don't have any shoes on." My logical response is "Well put them on and I'll circle around." Aiden then says "I left them at home." 

Seriously, at home, I had reminded him at least 2 times. Okay so what to do? I sent him into class, told him he may miss PE but that I'd bring him some shoes. I did bring them back to him which put me running late for our Preschool run. As I was loading my two to begin the Preschool carpool route, what do my eyes see? ...Aiden's COAT. Remember he has PE today, I'm sure they will be outside. But I'm not going back a third time!

Wednesday. Aiden gets off to school just fine, with shoes and a coat. yea. 
I have both Gav and Camille dressed to go to our Bible study, the food is packed, we are buckled in ready to pull out and the garage door isn't working right. It will go about 6 inches up then stops. I get out to assess the situation, the pulley and the spring are hanging from the top of the track. Remember Geoff is out of town, I called him anyway. Alas my neighbor calls her husband whom comes home from work (he works a mile away) to help me out. After much laughter and grease stains, we finally got the door to go up AND come back down, which was a concern. Off to our Bible study we go.

Thursday. We woke up to snow again! That was exciting, would they cancel or delay school? 

Nope. normal day right? WRONG! My car is now parked outside due to the garage door malfunction, and the sliding van door is frozen shut! All the littles climbed in the other door and buckled up, as I started the car the beeping began. Apparently we had opened the door just enough that the alert for a door open was going off. We got to listen to that as we drove down the highway. Eventually it did thaw and the beeping ended. We all laughed so hard in the car as I recapped the weeks events - ah, making memories!

Tomorrow is Friday and Geoff took the day off.  I don't dare ask what tomorrow will bring. 

Either way we are going to have a great weekend. Nana & Papaw and Aunt Heather are coming to visit. Geoff booked massages for Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lego Battles

Growing up I loved my barbies and smurfs. I think Aiden will remember Star Wars legos, he will spend a lot of time to set up battles Droids against Clone Troopers then spend as much time, if not more,  battling, shooting and pulling limbs and making wreckage from the ships. I heard hysterical laughter coming from the living room, I came to see what had happened and I see clone trooper legs sticking up from the Starship (aka the orange). It was impaled by a clone trooper. I love when they make me laugh!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

The year of the Rabbit is here... I'm not into astrology or really know what that means but it was fun adventure for the day.

In 2000 Geoff and I took a trip to China. It was a really neat trip with some amazing experiences. Here are a few pics of the BIG sites. We toured Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin and Shanghai. Just looking back at these photos let me relive one of the most memorable places I have seen.

The Great Wall

Li River

A Rickshaw with a refrigerator, furnace and some other appliance.  How did he get that on a bicycle?
I pulled out some souvenirs we brought home from China plus some rabbit themed things.
The littles had fun looking at all the items.

I heard there was a renowned Chinese chef, Peter Chang, that had just opened a restaurant last month and it was only 10 minutes away. Away on a dinner adventure we went

The flavors were delightful. 
Aiden was adventurous and tried some Szechwan style spicy pork - then promptly requested WATER!

We had to do something with a rabbit, I considered making a cake but bringing along bunny ears was much easier and sugar free!

Though fortune cookies were in order

 Apparently Camille is going on a trip, I sure do hope she brings me along!

Happy New Year China!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day

No shadow uh? I sure do hope he is more accurate than some meteorologists, I'm ready for spring! In honor of that little critter we made a time to celebrate. Cupcakes and books, inspired by a friend of mine at The Princess and The Frog she always finds joy in everyday life and celebrates the less significant holidays. (Funny enough as I went to put her link in here she has done a remake of the cupcake she made at a playgroup many years ago, the one that I have adapted here). 

We read Groundhog Gets a Say. An outspoken Groundhog is upset he only gets a 5 minute limelight and wants more time dedicated to him, he is quickly reminded about the Turkey - hmmm might not be the best thing. It is full of Groundhog facts as well... did you know the Groundhog is a WOODCHUCK? I had no idea, the woodchuck seems more famous probably because of his song. 

Anyway on to the Groundhog Day cupcakes. You will need cupcakes, frosting (green color, optional), Milky Way snack size bars, chocolate chips and a bit of fondant or white gum.

Dig out a hole on an angle for your candy bar to fit into. Keep the crumbs you excavated.

Cut a small chunk away from the bottom of the candy bar where the teeth will go. roll out a bit of fondant and make a crease in the middle with the back of your knife so it looks like 2 buck teeth. 
I bet a stick of white gum would work well too.

Cut a chocolate chip in half, stick it on upside down, it becomes the nose. The other half of the chip cut in half again becomes the squinty eyes. I used peanut butter to glue the chocolate chip on, melted chocolate would look better but I didn't care if you could see some peanut butter peeking out.

I was being hopeful for spring so I colored my frosting green for grass, 
though Aiden sill wanted some snow on his.

Frost them snowy or grassy then add sprinkles of leftover cake for the dirt that little guy dug out...
or not, I left one plain just to make them each different.

This is what my little groundhogs woke up to. 
I might add they woke up before the Groundhog woke up - it was still DARK outside!
Camille made the craft on the left, it is a groundhog on a popsicle stick that can peek up out of his hole.