Friday, October 5, 2012

Mercier Apple Orchards and Farm

Gavin had the day off of school, Camille doesn't go on Fridays 
so we decided it was a field trip Homeschool day! 

Packed up our lunch and headed north to Mercier Apple Orchards in Blue Ridge Ga.
It was a gorgeous sunny 80 degree day. 
Once we arrived we loaded up on a trailer pulled by a tractor, then we were off to the orchards.

 Let the picking begin!

 I was amazed at the abundance of apples. They were low to the ground so everyone was able to pick.
We had many samples along the way. 

The 377 acres of rolling hills filled with apple trees was so picturesque. 
 We picked from 4 different kinds of trees. Pink Lady, Fuji, Ambrosia and Cameo.

Aiden said this was a picture perfect apple with one bright green leaf.

Inside we played on a tractor, watched the apple factory line, tasted cider, I sampled 4 hard ciders (yum), and ate hot apple hand pies. They were so good we bought a dozen!

 We all enjoyed watching the apple process, from washing to boxing they saw it all.

Our haul

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Garden Tour

We were driving home and I saw a sign "For Sale fresh Tomatos"
Aiden and Camille agreed we should stop. 

We met a lovely Ms. Bobbie Hashfield, I believe that is what she said was her name.
 After buying tomatoes, crowder beans and 1 banana pepper (she actually gave us the pepper).

She gave us a tour of her garden! She does it all herself.
Aiden was excited to see how ocra grows and maybe next time she will have some ready to pick!
I think we will go back, even if it is just for a visit with this sweet lady.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wright Environmental Center Field Trip

Gavin's kindergarten class had a field trip planned to the Wright Environmental Center, 
Aiden and I had just finished up a unit on forests so we asked if we could tag along...

My mom was still in town so minus Daddy at work and Camille in preschool it was a family event!

 They explored rocks and minerals

 learned bob cats exist in our area

 held earthworms... eewwww.

 and took a walk through the forest, they have 19 acres of protected land in the middle of Cobb county.

Aiden and Gavin walked together down the paths, it was a sweet time and
 they were both glad to have their brother with them!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When it starts out like a country song

Read on with a bluegrass twang playing in your head...
Four years ago I felt a bump, Thursday our car went to the dump, Friday lightening struck and made me jump which left our TV in a clump, My mom was feeling ill and went to Urgent Care to make it over the hump, Gavin's arm was in a lump and so many appointments made me a big ol grump...

And that is my pitiful attempt at a country song...Geoff's car did go to the junk yard, the second car to go, so we went from 3 to 2 now 1! Lightening hit our house exploding our modem, computer monitor and 6 month old flat screen TV. Gavin had another appointment for his broken arm and I had multiple pre surgery appointments. My mom came into town not feeling well, plus I was emotional and crampy.

9/19/12. The date of my thyroidectomy surgery.

6:30 am I go into Emory Hospital to have my goiter removed, my entire thyroid had grown from about 1 inch to 3.5 inches. My diagnosis was a toxic multi nodular goiter, lumps had developed all throughout my thyroid. I first noticed a bump December 2008, but all my blood work came back "normal", there was no need for medicine or urgency to remove it. I did have 2 biopsies done with benign results both times, so I waited... until now.
I posted on Facebook that I was at Emory and was contacted by a friend I hadn't heard from since middle school, she was there to take her husband home after a heart transplant. Her husband is doing great and it was so nice to get a hug from her while I was waiting in pre-op. During her visit we talked about bone cutting and what it must be like to have your chest opened up.  After some waiting, 3 hours after expected surgery time, the Dr. came out to take me back and told us that the chest surgeon was scrubbed in... WHAT? excuse me, I don't think I heard you correctly! He told me my thyroid had grown in behind my sternum and there was a possibility they would have to cut my sternum to get it out. This bit of news was quite a surprise, and not the good kind!
I had interviewed 4 surgeons before deciding on Dr. Weber and 2 of them were wanting to do this outpatient! Geoff and I looked at each other thinking the same thing, we were sure this was God preparing us for a longer recovery and more intense surgery. It all seemed to coincidental, a friends conversation about chest surgery, interviewing 4 surgeons, the long wait to have it done...  Geoff then went out to tell two members of our church that had come to pray and help distract Geoff. While he walked away I laid back closed my eyes and began to pray, boldly begging God for it to not be necessary have to cut my sternum, I knew it was all in Gods hands. He gave me amazing peace and comfort knowing it would all be okay no matter what happened. He also gave me the most wonderful calming visual - I pictured Jesus standing next to me then lying down next to me on the operating table bed and holding my hand, no words were spoken just the loving peace and presence of knowing my Lord and savior was there for me was all I needed!
I didn't shed a single tear the day of surgery or after until I wrote this out. I was moved by God's amazing grace, how very personal he is, that he met me right where I was in the moment of need!

Surgery went great, it lasted about 4 hours and the results were the best news - No bone cutting! and No cancer!! The pain has been very minimal and I'm being taken care of by so many in so many ways. There is so much I'm thankful for: My Savior's comfort, my husband and family, my mom taking care of me, all the MANY that covered me with prayer, all the friends that have taken my children and cared for them, the meals, notes, visits, cards and hugs. This whole process has been very overwhelming in a very positive way!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Cruisin' with the Dolphins

Thanks to Groupon we tried something a bit different this visit. 

A dolphin adventure with beverages included

 lots of fun with Baba

spotted a family of dolphins

 and fed seagulls off the bough of the boat

good times!

A cold day at the beach... better than a day without the beach!

See the wind surfer in the back. 
Perfect conditions for him, we was doing all kinds of tricks out there and was very cool to watch!

Look at the wind surfer behind the littles, he was really jumping high.

Geoff wants me to cut Gavin's hair short, but really isn't this the best beach hair!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fla bound for Spring Break

We found a big cow at one of our potty breaks and the littles tried boiled peanuts. I love those things why have I not given my littles a taste of Southern culture?!?

 Spike went on his first road trip. He LOVES the vegetation in Fl.

 Digging holes. 
I think if we ever visited another beach we would have to pack a real shovel. We have gotten spoiled.

Camille offering some sand. Any takers?

A kayaking trip from the causeway to Caladesi Island.

Caladesi is a beautiful natural island. The only motorized vehicle allowed is the ferry, they give you a 3 hour ticket then a return ride...unless you travel by your own means then you can explore as long as you like! Even the air space is protected as a bird sanctuary. The birds take full advantage of that!!

 Another day at the beach.

Relaxing after watching us paddle board.