Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A new addition... a Greek Tortoise

Guess what Santa brought us this year?? 
A Tortoise, a less than two inch Greek tortoise to be exact! 

Let me introduce you to our newest member...Spike Franklin Smith
I never thought I'd adore a reptile but I DO, he is so tiny and cute.

Gavin carries a stuffed turtle to school in his pocket most days and 
this little one is just about the same size.

 I'm acting like a first time mom, worrying about how he is acting, pooping, sleeping and eating. I'm so much more comfortable with the human kind of babies at this point. On to a new learning curve...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve at the Waffle House

Our annual tradition of Christmas Eve breakfast at the Waffle House in our PJ's 2011!
We arrived later than normal, about 9:30, the littles were happily playing with their birthday presents so we got to sleep in a bit.
Two years ago Santa rode up on his Harley and the littles were thrilled to see him, last year he had already eaten his breakfast, but he did leave some notes behind for us. This year when I asked if he had already come, the waitress pointed over my shoulder and there he was in his red overalls and big smile! Was Camille ever excited! Gavin and Aiden too. 

 We enjoyed our breakfast...

 Camille was having a hard time containing her excitement!

 Santa waved her over, put her up on the counter and chatted for a bit.

 Gavin just couldn't believe he was there.

 And the most perfect poster that reads "A Holiday Tradition"
Oh the MAGIC of CHRISTmas! Thank you Jesus for coming into this world and filling our hearts with joy so that we can have peace in our hearts to ENJOY the small moments in life!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Gavin

Gavin's first photo of his 5th year!
 How appropriate he has piggy in his hands at the side of our bed. His first stop each morning.

 Sneaky, our Elf, decorated the kitchen in Green for Gavin. He got a little tangled up in the streamers.

 Timmy and Tommy turtle in his pocket with a yoda ribbon and a 5 yr old ribbon.
 Going to school

 Gavin's teacher decorated the room for him!

That night our family took Gavin bowling for the first time. 
It was a good idea to see if he would like it before his party this weekend! 
Happy Birthday sweet boy we love you so much!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tea Party

My Mom and Sister-in-Law, Heather, were in town to see Aiden in the Nutcracker so we passed off all 3 boys on Geoff then the girls went out for tea.
 Camille brought her own mini tea set

 Our server brought our her water in this adorable tea cup with a lemon slice on her saucer

 She was a dainty little girl and loved being the center of attention.
Though we need to work on the pinky finger lift!

 Gently tinking her spoon on the side like a pro

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Nutcracker!

Aiden performed as a Party Boy in the Nutcracker with the Georgia Ballet Company this year! He did a great job and Geoff and I are so proud of him. He was in three different shows and was on stage for about 25 minutes with two of his best friends!

My favorite part that Aiden was in is in the beginning as the party goers walk to the party the snow begins to fall. Aiden pretends to make a snowball and throw it at his friend Steve, whom falls down then jumps up to tussle with Aiden. They then get escorted off stage by their "dad". Aiden said his favorte part was when he got to disrupt the party by blowing horns with the boys. I wish I was able to take some photos of the performance but cameras were not allowed. So here are some of the past 3 days back stage, before and after the show.

After his first show


The boys had to entertain themselves back stage
I think they look quite handsome in their costumes

Camille in anticipation for her big brother to come on stage.

After the show we were happy to see some wonderful friends from church

Baba, Aunt Heather and Tristan all came into town to watch Aiden in the Nutcracker

One of their positions in the boys dance.

 Again playing back stage making paper airplanes

I don't think Aiden would have taken to flowers after the show. I decided he was lucky to be invited to be a part of such a wonderful show so Lucky Charms cereal was his reward for a job well done!