Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fla bound for Spring Break

We found a big cow at one of our potty breaks and the littles tried boiled peanuts. I love those things why have I not given my littles a taste of Southern culture?!?

 Spike went on his first road trip. He LOVES the vegetation in Fl.

 Digging holes. 
I think if we ever visited another beach we would have to pack a real shovel. We have gotten spoiled.

Camille offering some sand. Any takers?

A kayaking trip from the causeway to Caladesi Island.

Caladesi is a beautiful natural island. The only motorized vehicle allowed is the ferry, they give you a 3 hour ticket then a return ride...unless you travel by your own means then you can explore as long as you like! Even the air space is protected as a bird sanctuary. The birds take full advantage of that!!

 Another day at the beach.

Relaxing after watching us paddle board.

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  1. I love Caladesi Island! We are planning to go when we are down there visiting my parents soon. I have been many times as a kid but have never taken the family. I'm excited because it's been a long time.