Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve at the Waffle House

Our annual tradition of Christmas Eve breakfast at the Waffle House in our PJ's 2011!
We arrived later than normal, about 9:30, the littles were happily playing with their birthday presents so we got to sleep in a bit.
Two years ago Santa rode up on his Harley and the littles were thrilled to see him, last year he had already eaten his breakfast, but he did leave some notes behind for us. This year when I asked if he had already come, the waitress pointed over my shoulder and there he was in his red overalls and big smile! Was Camille ever excited! Gavin and Aiden too. 

 We enjoyed our breakfast...

 Camille was having a hard time containing her excitement!

 Santa waved her over, put her up on the counter and chatted for a bit.

 Gavin just couldn't believe he was there.

 And the most perfect poster that reads "A Holiday Tradition"
Oh the MAGIC of CHRISTmas! Thank you Jesus for coming into this world and filling our hearts with joy so that we can have peace in our hearts to ENJOY the small moments in life!

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