Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day Dinner

I love random holidays, I even have an app for weird holidays. 
Groundhog day is on the "real" calendar but still seems like an odd holiday to me!

For dinner tonight we had a potato and salad bar...themed of couse

I was looking for something other than a dessert, I'm kind of a stickler with the littles on eating too much sugar. But it seems like most of the fun things are laden with sugar, probably because the pieces stick together so well.

As I was digging around I found an adorable Groundhog Day snack 
made from fruit - from that our dinner idea was born!

 We used baked potatoes for the Groundhog, black beans for his burrow hole, peas (or salad) for the grass and his face was made from a cut up cheese stick and black beans skewered on a toothpick. I tried to stick them on with sourcream but that didn't work so well.

 It was fun to all decorate together, then the littles put "snow" 
which was parmesan cheese on their creation.

  They each had their own personality. 

How do you eat a baked potato groundhog?
any way you want!

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