Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hyde Farm Field trip

I went on another interesting field trip with Aiden's class to Hyde Farm, which is 95 Acres of farmland perserved in the middle of the hustle and bussle of the suburbs. A working farm in the early 1900's, the county is attempting to restore the structures but funding isn't available yet so it continues to deteriorate.
They have braces holding some of the buildings up, it is a shame that they continue to fall apart waiting for the funding to come through. 

 There is a working water well

 She called up two volunteers to drop the bucket and pull up water, guess who was chosen
...Aiden and Grace Ellen

 The kids got to feel the water that came out of the ground and were surprised at how cool it was.

The Powers family first owned this land, after foreclosure the Hyde family took possession. They had both lived here together at one point. There was more to the story but I have forgotten the details. 

I did find that the farm started in 1840's and the Hydes acquired it in the 1920's, and owned it til 2004. 

They were not wealthy but resourceful and used what they had to make repairs and keep their farm going. I would be quite nervous to know my house was supported by a stack of rocks!

 The original cabin was on the left, made from trees that grew on their land.

 The wallpaper in the cabin was newspaper. 
One of the children found a little piece on the ground and it was like finding a hidden treasure.

 In later years a bathroom was added on. The outhouse wasn't feasible as Mr. Hyde aged. 

 The kids were shown (and got to try) washing clothes with a wash board...

 ...then hung them on the line to dry.

 Then tried their hand at plowing with a manual plow! Not easy in Georgia red clay.

another fun filled day of learning and adventure.

Another story I wished I remembered was why the building behind looked burned. I think I recall her saying it was for storing food for the winter. 

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