Monday, December 20, 2010

Aiden's 8th Birthday

Let the Nerf Wars begin! Aiden wanted nothing more than to build some army fox holes and blast away all afternoon with Nerf guns. It was great fun and I think all the boys enjoyed every minute.
the invitation
Custom water bottles. Ready, Aim, Fire!
Aiden built some barricades out of boxes and pine straw

it worked out better than digging holes in our yard!

A surprise attack from our next door neighbor - Crazy Man!
 Aiden's friends trying to rescue him from being held hostage

 Then we took a break to make some different weapons...
 Marshmallow Guns!!
making marshmallow guns

I found some instructions on how to make the guns here, then personalized them with themed stickers for Aiden.

Then lastly the cake, I thought it might be fun for him to get to shoot at his cake. I made a target on top, washed up some Nerf darts loaded his gun, brought out his cake and told him the plan. Then I put on my protective eye wear and let him go at it!

Aiden hearing what the plan was going to be

I'd say it looks like he enjoyed the plan.

Unfortunately the darts didn't stick very well, I guess the frosting hardened up a bit. But he still said he had a great time getting to shoot at a cake!

Happy Birthday Aiden. It is so hard to believe you are EIGHT!

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  1. I was really looking forward to the party pictures! This looks like so much fun! It's many a boys dream! I love the marshmallow guns- very fun activity! You're so good at this stuff!