Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa Helpers - The Eve of Christmas Eve

The elves visit our house during December so we thought it would be fun to spread the cheer and surprise others like the elves surprise us. Off to the dollar store we went again and each of my three littles picked out two gifts for another child. We wrapped the gifts up and put on bows and tags.

While tagging some of the gifts and I wrote from Santa's helpers, Aiden would have nothing to do with that he said it was a lie because Santa didn't ask us to help out. I obliged and we said from a new friend, though Aiden did agree it would probably make Santa happy. A few days later we went out to dinner at the Olive Garden and brought along our goodies. 

Gavin brought along a video camera he had gotten as a birthday present.
Our server helped us with our secret mission, the boys decided who would receive the gifts then we described them to our server who delivered them for us. The first one delivered was a gum ball machine and gumballs. The table was in plain view for us and the joy on Aiden's face from giving a secret gift was wonderful!!

Guess who stopped in...Santa!

Santa called Aiden over and whispered something to him, when we got back to the table Aiden told us Santa thanked him for helping him bring joy to other boys and girls! I think we will do this again next year, it was so much fun for all.

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  1. Dawn, I just love this! How wonderful for everyone involved! (We just started our 52 weeks of giving today- our first act was bring hot chocolate to our postal workers.)