Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gavin's 4th Birthday

Gavin wanted to combine his current favorite two things for his birthday party even though they in no way relate to one another... Buzz Lightyear and Harley Davidson motorcycles! I like a good challenge so off to the dollar store I went for some inspiration. It was my lucky day I found a green chopper the same green as Buzz and a Buzz mini figure. I brought the two home and put Buzz on his first Harley ride, of course I took some pictures to commemorate the event, voila the invitation idea was born! I had already created the birthday logo from the Harley logo specific to Gavin, originally I was going to use a logo with Buzz's wings behind it, that just looked too busy for the invitations- but it won't go to waste,  you will see that a bit later.

Gavin's invitation

The local theater was showing Toy Story 3 which would be the location of his party. Gavin wanted to dress up like Buzz, we were able to borrow a costume from a friend and a Harley leather jacket from another friend. Doesn't he look great!

my Buzz Harley boy!
One of our neighbors has a Harley and was nice enough to offer to cruise through the parking lot of the movie theater so all the kids could see the bike and get their photo taken with it. Wasn't that super sweet of them to tie his theme together perfectly!

Here comes the Harley

They are blocking most of the bike but it is there!

There was a small oops at the theater, they booked 3 parties at the same time with only one party room. Gavin's party was moved to the lobby, which I think worked out quite well as the party room is pretty tiny, thankfully our church was next door so we could grab some chairs.
here comes the cake

the cake, custom water bottles and favors
I wish I had been able to find a spaceship to put on the hill, but I think it looks just fine without it.  
Gavins cake
The favors were 2 packs of Toy Story 3 cards, tattoos, army men and a milky way bar tied together with a monkey then sealed with a label.

Then we made our annual ornament craft.
I found some motorcycle ornaments then used Gavin's birthday logo with the Buzz wings to customize it and tie the two ideas together. Each year we make a themed ornament  at the boys Birthay parties and now have a Christmas tree dedicated to showing off these crafty treasures.
Green motorcycle

Blue motorcycle

red motorcycle - you can see Aiden's construction party ornament when he turned 5

one more photo of all of us before the movie starts
enjoying the movie

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  1. I LOVE the invitation and the Harley logo you made. Genius! And of course your cake is fabulous!