Saturday, March 5, 2011

Daddy's weekend

Dad took all the littles to Tennessee to visit family. He also planned a Gatlinburg adventure complete with a hotel stay that was ironically where Nana & Papaw stayed 49 years ago for their honeymoon. 

They woke up to a beautiful double rainbow!

  Lunch in the Smokey Mountains

Geoff got some great shots from their hike.

 These are the shots that make a momma freak out!
Then Geoff informs me that this tree is 20 feet above the deep rushing water.

  And jumping on the bed... has Daddy not read 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed?!?!

I have heard about the legendary Applewood, maybe next time I'll get to join them for breakfast!

 Then back to the farm for some farm fun!
 Uncle JR took the boys for a ride up the mountain on the 4 wheeler.

 Camille was not interested on going for a ride.

A group photo, without me, they even got Lucy the dog in it. Way to go Daddy; on a well done weekend and remembering to take photos, even a group photo. Thank you Geoff for an entire weekend off, I got the chance to clean out some of the stuff that has accumulated in our house as well and time out with friends.  I'm glad they had a great time but I sure did miss everyone.


  1. Yeah for a weekend at home with no kids! It looks like they had so much fun on their adventure.

    Like you I am also procrastinating on tagging my consignment sale items ... nothing like waiting until the last minute! :)

  2. Your Welcome Sweetie! You needed a weekend off and glad you enjoyed it. The Smith/Crowder family had a blast in the mountains...look forward to doing it again. Maybe you will join us next were missed

  3. I'm seriously impressed with the great photos that Geoff got! Isn't it great when your children are having a great time without you?