Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Leprechaun Trap

The littles tried to trap one of those pesky leprechaun critters. Aiden has  a few years of experience in making traps, so he started out teaching Gavin about simple machines. Levers, pulleys and such.

 Then onto the work of the real trap.

 Aiden using the glue gun to construct a ladder.

 Gavin painting his Roy G. Biv rainbow.

 Gavin liked his new color friend Roy!

 The completed trap.

The Leprechaun was to be drawn to the gold, go up the ladder after it, after stepping into the clear strawberry container he would see more in the bottom of the second box and jump down for it. Once he jumped in, the only way out would be to climb up the yarn. BUT once he began to climb the yarn the strawberry container would be pulled closed by Aiden's pulley system.

Foiled again! We didn't catch him. That sneaky leprechaun tossed the rock we used to weigh down the yarn. He tossed it up and out of the small hole in the top of the box to set himself free. That stinker then made a mess in our house, he knocked things over, pulled the books out of the bookshelf he even unrolled our toilet paper and drug it throughout the house! He did leave behind a shamrock plant for us to enjoy, he must have felt badly for the mess he made. Maybe next year we will catch him...


  1. I'm seriously impressed with that trap. I love Gavin's rainbows and Aiden is one clever boy! Harris was VERY disappointed he didn't catch one!