Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Peter Pan in Neverland

We took my mom to Peter Pan for her birthday, it was an amazing show in a custom built threesixty theater. It was a fabulous theatrical performance, the actors flew through the air, we almost felt like we were flying with them.Very well done!

Complete with sword fighting!

Look closely, it is a height chart for some of the main characters!

Gavin was the size of Michael Darling and Aiden of John Darling. Did you notice that I am taller than someone? Yup, Peter Pan! 

I think Camille would have been close to Tinker Bell! Though Tink was quite sassy in this show.  I just adore the idea of a thimble symbolizing a kiss. So sweet, wouldn't that make a cute charm on a charm bracelet...if it came from the right person? hint, hint geoff!

We had a fun time with Baba this week. Full of adventure and excitment!


  1. glad to hear you liked it. We were thinking about going so it's good to know it got a good review from someone we know!
    Did your kids like it too? I was thinking maybe just Paul and I would go.

  2. So fun! We went to world of coca cola and saw the set. Looked so cool! Glad you had fun.