Friday, May 6, 2011


It was our turn to teach again, this time on the planets and space exploration.

 Let me introduce you to our cadets in training.

 Geoff did the devotion.

Each of the students were assigned a planet to research some facts about then I was a news reporter interviewing them.

We watched a movie about each planet followed by a snipit of the astronauts loading into the shuttle and lastly the launch. Here were taking a stretch break pretending to be rockets launching into space.
 Once back in the classroom we passed out adult diapers (because the real astronauts wear them) then loaded up for our own launch complete with a countdown! 
 It was time for an outside activity. We put alka-seltzer into a film canister added a bit of water then waited for launch. This was a super cool activity to see how far they shot into the air from the pressure.

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