Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

We decided we wanted to make our presents for Nana and Baba this year. I got the idea for metal stamping here and ordered some sterling hearts from etsy to give it a go.

Each of the littles took a turn to whack with the hammer. I wasn't quite brave enough to let them do it without me holding on to the back of the hammer, after all those are my finger below it!

 Finished hearts. They turned out super cute and the littles all enjoyed being part of the process.

 I turned Nana's into a bracelet, I don't think she wears many necklaces. Her "N" has a shadow from being hit twice but I was okay with that, it adds to the character and it is from children after all!

Baba's is a necklace because that is what we decided she would wear more often. I couldn't decide if i wanted to drill a hole and hang it from a jump ring or just let it free float on the chain. I ended up going with the free floating heart, we can always add a hole a whole lot easier than take one away!

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  1. I LOVE them...I am totally going to steal that idea!!!