Sunday, May 29, 2011

Charlotte, NC

Weekend road trip to see a long time friend tie the knot. The groom, Kevin, and I worked together 16 years ago at Goody's Family Clothing which was my first job out of college. It was great to hang out with some friends from the good 'ol days!

 Laurel and I with a Rolls Royce. Kevin is a lover of cars so this is what took them from the ceremony  to the reception. Then they left the reception in one of Kevin's fancy sports car.

The friends from the past (because we are NOT old, i'm not going to say old friends!)

The kids had a blast staying in the hotel. There was a hot tub, swimming pool and a putting green.
 Camille enjoyed staying in the top bunk in the hotel room! 
The kids liked eating breakfast in the lobby in their jammies!
Gavin literally cried when we had to go home. We had such an enjoyable time catching up with friends from the past as well as hanging out with just our family enjoying and relaxing.

The peach in Gaffney SC.

My camera died on this trip, I'm super bummed about it. I even bought a purse style camera bag from Jo Jo Totes, lugged it with me to the wedding and after about 5 pictures it just stopped working. So most of the photos are iphone. I had really hoped to capture some great moments in print but I guess my memory will have to do for this one. I hope it is an easy, inexpensive repair.

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