Thursday, June 9, 2011

Camilles 2yr portraits

My super talented friends from Rustic White Photography took Camille's 2yr portraits. She has so much personality, absolutely adores her brothers and makes us laugh all the time.

Camille loves shoes, purses and tiny things to play make believe with.

We share tea parties, laughter, dances, hugs, kisses, playing with baby dolls, baking, singing made up songs and silly faces. She is as spunky as her ringlet curls.

My mom made this adorable dress Camille is wearing. She made it from her own creativity without 
a pattern. I need to make a separate post of all the amazing outfits she has recently made for her.

She was so super grumpy - maybe it is because she is teething, or because the boys woke her up early being loud boys or maybe just because she is a girl (which makes me think of a time Geoff came to me and said "I don't know what else to do I think she is having a girl moment. Your turn!" that just makes me laugh!) Either way they got some great shots of our sweet girl.

I love that it looks like she is telling Lovie Bunny that she is okay or consoling Lovie in this one. Aww that tear, kissable!

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