Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Camp

Both the boys were in camp this week Aiden went to a 9 hour day camp called Winshape and Gavin was at a Circus themed camp, that was put on by his preschool.

Aiden picked 3 electives: Archery, Gymnastics and Flag Football to participate in all week. Thursday was Village Day, he was part of the "Ocean" team - we decorated the car and he wore his team colors. Friday was Family Fun Day where we got to watch, and participate, in what they did all week long then share a Chick-fil-a lunch.



Flag Football

Gavin's week was super fun too. Mon. was a circus themed puppet show by the very talented Lee Bryan, Camille and I actually stayed for this one - he is such an entertaining puppeteer! Tues. was water day, Wed. they had a juggler, Thurs they rode ponies and Friday was the grand carnival.

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