Monday, June 6, 2011

Pine Mountain, Ga. & F.D.Roosevelt

We took a weekend camping trip to Pine Mountain Ga and learned a bit about Franklin D. Roosevelt.

 A statue of one of the CCC workers, Civilian Conservation Corps, 
that built the log cabin where we stayed.
 Our cabin for the weekend.

Geoff made a yummy breakfast for us to start off our day.

 Camille, Aiden and I took off to explore down by the lake.

Then off to Dowdell's Knob for some beautiful scenery. This statue is the only one of FDR wearing his leg braces. The seat he is sitting on is actually a removable seat from his car.


In celebration of D-Day there was a Living History exhibit. 
Here we met a real "Rosie the Riveter" Mrs. Elizabeth Menton.

Once back to the cabin Geoff and Aiden built a campfire.

The next morning Geoff showed Aiden how to start a fire from hot coals. 
I think that was the highlight of Aiden's trip.

Exploring down a dry dam.

There were a lot of little froggies by the lake. Gavin insisted on putting one in his pocket to explore with us for a while before letting him go back at his home.

The boys had completed level one of the Junior Ranger program and earned a badge.

 On our way to the warm springs we found a fish hatchery, 
it was full of very LARGE fish and some turtles too.

Our next stop was the Warm Springs where FDR enjoyed a natural spring pool of 88 degrees year round. This was the site where many polio patients found comfort.

 The springs no longer fill the pools, though it is still active... and still 88 degrees.

 There are 3 pools that are all connected.

 Many therapies for polio patients were done in the middle pool.

 Camille and Gavin in the bath house.
 It was a welcomed break to get away for the weekend as a family and just enjoy each other. We had a "no screens" weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors. (Though I did text a hand full of times.)


  1. What fun! We might have to check out that FDR site... My oldest is very interested in Presidents. How cool that you met "Rosie"!