Sunday, August 21, 2011

canning 100 lbs of tomatoes

On Friday we took a trip down to the farmer's market to pick up a few bushels of roma tomatoes. 100 lbs and only $26 later we had a load of red orbs. We also came home with cantaloupes, strawberries and some slicing tomatoes. After all you can't buy all those fresh tomatoes and not have a tomato sandwich for lunch!

I think this is the 4th annual canning party, we always have a day of fun and laughter.

Doesn't it just look so fresh and yummy!

 2 canners and 2 pots for blanching.

Then the time saving idea for blanching! Each year we tweek the process a bit, 
this one was a two thumbs up alteration.

 54 quart jars done and ready to squirrel away for winter.

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  1. I'm so jealous! When I was in Iowa I watched a relative can and she made it look so very easy! I can't wait to try it!