Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lemonade Stand - Back to School theme

Aiden has been requesting a "stand" since Halloween. (He wasn't eating sugar at the time and wanted to sell/give his candy away.) Here we are the last week of Summer Break and thought that would be a perfect time for a stand... a Lemonade stand.
I was out on a walk the morning of trash pick up and saw a neighbor had put out an old style school desk. As I was home getting ready for the day I couldn't stop thinking about the desk, then the idea struck to have a Back to School themed lemonade stand. I quickly got ready, just enough to leave the house, put the kids in the van still in their jammies and picked up that desk! Then it was off to decide what we would put in our stand as well as how it would look.
I first asked Aiden to draw an apple then asked him to write "Back to School" THIS is what he came back with, my graphic designer heart skipped a beat...
...when he brought it in i jumped up clapping at the LOGO he created for the stand. He proceeded to explain that he turned to "o" into an apple and that just made me smile. He usually dislikes writing so much that he just does what he has to to get it done - My mommy heart smiled at his effort and creativity!

He then wanted to have something other than lemonade to sell, after a bit of brainstorming I found a recipe for apple cookies.
We  bagged them 3 to a bag and I used his apple drawing to make little tags that read Apple Bite Cookies.  I don't think many noticed the ABC reference.

Aiden made fresh popcorn with a popper on the stove, I think he thought it always came out of a microwave.

 We both giggled as one of the kernels shot out when he peeked in, glad it didn't hit anyone!
Our popcorn was served in paper cones.

Early that morning about 8am all of the littles, and their momma, were so excited we went out to set up some things as people came by we gave out some samples and even sold a few glasses!

I adore the lemon shaped signs as well as the chalk board style sign.

Aiden didn't want people to just get some refreshments and leave, he wanted it to turn into a giant playdate. We came up with the Lemon Café and it worked, we did have people hanging out!

Including our own littles.

The weather was perfect, it was a glorious day hanging out with friends and neighbors!
 Aiden recruited a few friends to help out with advertising!

We even had some of our very own Marietta Power workers come by for some refreshment.
There was a consistent stream of people from 3:50 until 8:30 that evening. It was a great time, I wish I had taken more photos (even though this is a crazy long post of photos) and been able to visit more with people. We even had friends from church drive out to visit us! What a wonderfully fun day!

Thank you to everyone that made this day special for our family by joining us! 
Everything was sold out, and an extra run was made by daddy when we ran out of lemonade too early, you just can't have a lemonade stand without lemonade!
We now have some lemonade in the freezer, the littles are wanting to do one last hurrah tomorrow after church, I'll report back if I can muster enough energy...

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  1. I love everything about this! You and the children did an amazing job! Love the logo!