Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pre-K and 2yr class

Preschool time... this is Gavin's last year in Preschool! That hit me for the first time, just now, writing that. Everyone always says how fast kids grow up and it really does fly by, I guess I should clarify that a tad, the years fly by in a blur but sometimes the hours and minutes seem to drag on for an eternity especially on those whiny days.

 They woke up to a new book each and Camille got a little purse of "school supplies".

 Gluten free pencil pancakes with chocolate chips along with cantaloupe and bananas.

 Pancake art is not easy, the trick is to not flip the pancake!

 Camille and her school bus purse.

 Photos with our buddies, Noah and Ryan Nelson.

 Gavin and Camille by the St. Cats sign.

 The other Pre School sign.

 My big boy putting away his bag in Ms. Jenn's class.

And my little "big" girl putting her bag in Ms. Pat's class. She wasn't so sure she wanted to stay!