Monday, November 28, 2011

The first of Christmas Tradtions

A few years ago the littles received a Disney Christmas train from Gramps that was his last Christmas with us, he passed away the following month in January. That last Christmas with him was so joyous. He managed to get out of his wheelchair to climb our 13 stairs, he ate wedges of oranges with Aiden and munched on pistachios. He "rested" his eyes a lot always denying sleeping, even if he was snoring! He was such a laid back man in his later years.

Apparently the train has become a tradition, it wasn't intended to be, but it sure did happen! All year long the littles ask to bring the train out and my answer is always no, mostly because it is a bit fragile and a PAIN to put away. The year long anticipation makes it their first request once they see us pull down the Christmas totes! Sure enough it happened again this year, when we announced it was time to decorate they asked for the train immediately.

This morning Gavin and Camille laughed and giggled together as the train went through the tunnel they created with our coffee table. They never met their Great Grandpa and I'm not even sure they know this train of joy came from him. I need to make sure to tell them.

Thanks Gramps for continuing to bring JOY into our lives.

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