Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween 2011 Peter Pan

This was the earliest our family theme was decided upon! After we saw Peter Pan, 7 months ago, Aiden announced that was what he wanted to be for Halloween. I immediately gave it a two thumbs up. Here we are as Captain Hook, Wendy, Peter Pan, TickTock Crock and Tinker Bell. My mom again made up some wonderful costumes! She is amazing behind a sewing machine... I did make Tick Tock Croc's tail though.

 Precious Camille as Tinker Bell.
Her tutu was made from 4 large sparkly squares alternating them so the points varied then attached to a waistband. Her vest has individually sewn leaves, some sparkly and some not. Dollar store wings, little tennis shoes sprayed green with a pom pom (the tink slippers were too uncomfortable for trick or treating). And of course her hair in a bun.

 Gavin as Tick Tock Crocodile
Don't you just love his santa jammies turned inside out... Why is it so hard to find green sweats?
My mom made his Crocodile head I altered it to fit on his hat, and I made his tail all by myself (I'm quite proud about that, I've always joked that I'm great with a glue gun but don't get along well with sewing machines... that is until now) His clock was from Party City, my mom also made his claws from socks. I figured out a way to hide the bright red band on his ankles by tucking them into his socks see the last photo from Halloween Night.

Aiden as Peter Pan
My mom again with her magic made his shirt, hat and boot covers. I got the honors to add the red feather, found a belt at a garage sale and a dagger at the dollar store.

Captain Hook was made in full by my talented Mom. The coat is amazing, I wish now that it wasn't made out of felt so it would keep well for many years. The neck ruffles were 2 layers and sewn on binding to tie around his neck. She made the hat from a pattern but did the boot covers free hand. 

Wendy was the simplest. A store bought blue night gown, slippers, teddy bear, big white bow in my hair. For my necklace, I found a large acorn drilled a hole in the top, added a jump ring from my jewelry making days then put it on a cord. Remember the acorn saved her life from the lost boys' arrow. That pesky Tinker Bell always stirring up trouble!


  1. All of you (you, your Mom, Geoff, the children) are amazing. I can't believe Geoff's coat! The children look darling as always! I love that you dress up as a family!

  2. How did you make the crocodile head? I'd like to make it for my son.