Sunday, April 17, 2011

Annual Easter Party

In 2007 we started an Easter Celebration I think the idea actually had begun the year before when I hit the clearance aisle at Target and bought a few boxes of dye for $.19 and had a few kids over for some messy fun but our first official party was in 2007. That makes this year technically our 5th year though skipping 2009 because I was ready to hatch my own little chickie, Camille.

Each year there is a group photo, this year we had about 100 friends and family come out on this gorgeous day to celebrate this joyous occasion of Christs resurrection.

I estimated we stuffed 1500 eggs. The eggs for the tiny ones had pretzels, animal crackers, stickers, little people figures, and wooden crosses. The big kids got candy, tiny toys, tatoos, wooden crosses and stickers.

This year I attempted a resurrection cake and combined the scene of Golgotha with the Garden Tomb. Golgotha, Aramaic for "The Skull", was where Christ was crucified with the other two criminals. The Garden Tomb was where Jesus was laid after his death with the big stone that was rolled in front of the entrance AND also arose from to walk this earth again! Hallelujah!!
These two places, though close to one another, are not able to be seen at one time.


The kitchen table with some of the sweets

 Water bottles with bunny tails

Food tables, it has evolved into a potluck dinner. I wish I had more of a drive to menu plan for this party but quite honestly food prep stresses me out - so potluck it is!

 Little chicks were peeking out from the wheat grass pots.

 Getting ready for the big hunt.

 One of the kids tables.

 The hand print banners from years past.

This marked the beginning of the bunny trail leading down to the hunting.

An inflatable is the perfect entertainment and distraction as everyone arrives

Caring for others
Each year Aiden has chosen a cause to support and ask other to support as well. In the past it has been food drives, this year he wanted to add on donations to buy water filters for Haiti. I'm thrilled to report he raised enough money for two filters. I love his compassionate heart. I hope Gavin and Camille will jump on board with the desire to serve others.

Let the Egg Hunt BEGIN!

 On your mark, get set...

Egg Dying

 It was almost forgotten about, most of the people had left by the 
time someone reminded me to put it out!

Hand Print Egg Banners
 The banners are marked with the year and I attempt to get a reminder of each child that was there.

Our Family

 The littles still ready to go after the party. After all we had a the jump house for a bit longer.

We had a wonderful afternoon with family and friends! Thank you all so much for coming out and spending your Palm Sunday with us! See you next year...
A very special thank you to my Mom, Geoff was out of town the entire week before the party, if it hadn't been for my Mom's help the party may not have happened!


  1. Dawn, this is so very amazing! What fun it must be for all of your guests. I can't believe that we have never been to one- hopefully one day!

    I love that Aiden raises money for a good cause- that will stay with him always!

  2. I just love traditions & this one is just awesome... I LOVE your handprint banners... What a cute way to document all of the littles that attend each year!