Friday, April 8, 2011

Caladesi Island, Fla

We have been to Dunedin many times and have always talked about going to Caladesi. Geoff and Aiden did kayak over there before, and brought home many beautiful shells, but I had never been. After Camille and I took our morning adventure together we were ready for another. So we got back from the beach told the boys to pack up and off we went to find the ferry. 

On the ferry and ready to go!

Camille is waving to all the boats that pass by. 

Then we saw dolphins, many of them, they put on the coolest show for us. Thankfully our captain turned off the engine and let us watch. I bet it was about 5 minutes they jumped around for us to watch, cheer, ooh and awe over.

Camille absolutely loved the wind in her hair she giggled the entire way.

 Once we docked then we ate lunch at the little cafe' and wouldn't you know a big turtle was just walking by. Gavin's favorite animal right now is a turtle so he was out of his mind excited!

 Camille fell asleep while Geoff was walking with her on the beach, 
so I got to benefit from the snuggle time.

 Aiden was chasing the seagulls away. Every time he does this I'm reminded of a time he was 4 years old and kept calling them Eagles!  Oh these birds only wish they were that regal.

 We went out for a seafood dinner (why is it that it always tastes better at the beach??) then down the pier to watch another sunset over the ocean.

Family shot, a bit more tan and a lot more relaxed. I will miss this wonderful place!

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  1. I love caledesi island! I've been many times as a kid and have been wanting to get Paul and the girls there for a while. But everytime we are down there, (my parents live down that way)our time gets filled up with all sorts of other things.