Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bye bye birdy

This morning when Geoff went out to load the car to go home there were two large birds waiting to wish us safe travels. Geoff said they looked like door to door salesmen standing on the sidewalk ready to make a call.

 We fed them some lunch meat then we had to tell them we weren't interested in what they were selling and closed the door.

Our trip back was very eventful. Apparently everyone else though traveling on Saturday was a better option as well. We drove to Ocala to drop Geoff off, he will be out of town for the week and pick my mom up. She agreed to ride with me and be flight attendant for the littles. It is a good thing she did because our 8 hour trip was actually 12 hours. We even took a detour through some lovely pecan groves.


  1. Those birds are Sandhill Cranes ... when my parents lived in Florida they had two of these birds that would show up every morning and evening to be fed. If my Mom had not put food out they would walk around the house and look in the windows. It was hilarious and something my kids always looked forward to when we visited.

  2. I'm loving catching up on you guys!