Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

April fools started with Geoff and I switching sides in the bed but Aiden wasn’t fooled by that he just walked around to where Geoff was. I think Geoff was secretly hoping Aiden would wake me up first instead of him!

Breakfast…  We served cold orange juice and cold cereal – very cold, frozen even! I put cereal with milk in the freezer the night before and while Geoff distracted them I pulled out the frozen bowls and added a bit of unfrozen cereal and milk to the top. Aiden was first up he just ate what he could off the top saying “There is something in here, I can’t stick my spoon in very far.” Then he discovered our trick. Up next for fooling was Camille, poor baby is too young to know what was going on, all she knew was that OJ is a treat and it just wasn’t coming out of the glass so she just left the room. The doozie was Gavin, he dug his spoon right in ready for a big ol bite of cereal and it was like a scene out of The Road Runner when the object just crinkles up and the reverberation makes Wylie Coyote shake down the street. Gavin burst into tears and said he just wanted cereal to eat! Once he noticed the juice and Geoff pretended to spill it out the tears changed to laughter. I expect some serious payback for this in the future.   

Lunch… Actually snack. I opened the end of a Goldfish cracker snack bag, took out the crackers then replaced them with carrots. I sealed the bottoms up with double stick tape. Aiden was on a field trip so I also send him with a “Cup of Soup” box that had crackers inside. He was quite perplexed on how I sealed the goldfish bag back.

Dinner… Cupcakes with sprinkles! They should have known right then and there that I wasn’t going to serve cupcakes for dinner, actually Aiden was onto me. The cupcakes was really meatloaf with a frosting of whipped potatoes that were pink (beet juice) and blue, I did use real sprinkles. For dessert I was going to serve meatloaf looking rice krispie treats but ran out of time because I still had to pack for the beach!

 Earlier that day I got a phone call from my mom trying to fool me by saying she was in my driveway to visit...but I had my game on, I answered sounding very congested and tired. After she tried to tell me she was outside to surprise us with a visit, I told her we weren’t going to be able to make it to visit her. She fell for it hook, line and sinker!

It was a fun day of jokes and trickery


  1. Such clever tricks! I love the cereal idea- I'm going to use that one next year!

  2. Very impressive. Every year I say that next year I'm really going to get my family and every year I completely forget until the night before and can then come up with nothing. I love the carrot sticks inthe goldfish year I'm going to do that...ha ha ha.

  3. I love April Fools day...and the frozen cereal and juice is so funny! =)