Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lovie Bunny Birthday Party

Camille's second birthday theme was in honor of her lovie bunny. Sometimes traditions just happen on accident, and as it happened Aiden and Gavin's second birthday theme was their lovie. Aiden's was a turtle and Gavins was his piggie.  As luck would have it Camille's birthday fell just after Easter so I was able to find some good bunny items!

Camille and Lovie Bunny

I got my invitation here. Then adapted it by adding the carrots along the bottom (these same little carrots are embroidered along her lovie bunny) and then created a carrot address label as well as a return address bunny sticker.


 For decoration I grew some wheat grass in pink pails and for favors I found these cute bunny baskets and filled them with bunny themed items.

A close up of the goodies: mini marshmallows (bunny tails), pink heart shaped marshmallows (bunny noses), goldfish in a baggie with green tissue and curling ribbon (orange carrots), chocolate bunnies and lastly is a wind up toy of chomping bunny teeth.

 Here is Camille examining her goldfish carrot. They turned out super cute!

The outside table. Little bunny place mats, goodie bags, grass pails with balloons and a vase of peonies, one of my favorite flowers, in the center.

 Inside she had her tiered smash cake with white fondant bunnies and fondant carrots.

Around her cake were more favor bags.

The menu: Carrot burgers, bunny salad (pear halves), rabbit lettuce, a fruit basket and carrots with dip.
I wish i had gotten better pictures of the food especially of the carrot burgers they were so delicious!

 a close up of the bunny pear salad. I have to agree with Geoff that they look more like mice but still cute none the less as BUNNIES!

 Her happy birthday sign and one of the cupcake stands.
 Custom water bottles.
 Carrot juice (it was really peach lemonade)

 Carrot nibbles were also set around for little bunnies to munch on.

My mom made her dress, isn't it amazing? The dress is perfect for Camille's spunky attitude.

Now, on to the Celebration with CAKE...

She was able to blow out her own candles.

 Sweet Camille fed her brothers cake before herself.

Then after she dug in she fed everyone else...
her Mommy,
her Daddy, 
 her Nana,
 her Aunt Heather,

her Papaw,
and lastly her neighbor Mr. Furia.

Happy Birthday, we love you!

Camille showing TWO!

We were missing a few family members but had to get a group shot anyway. Thank you for all your help and support to pull yet another party off!


  1. Everything is perfection. Really, truly. I love, adore and must have some of those carrot address labels. So very clever. The cake is so sweet!

    Camille is a doll! Hard to believe that she is two!

    I never realized that the turtle and piggie were lovies. I love that!

  2. Hello, Love the party and invites I'm doing a party for my little girls 1st birthday. Is there anyway you can email me the file for the invite, stickers and the return labels. I absolutely love it. I'll even pay you. Thanks so much

  3. As Litsa said, love the party and invites and I'm also doing a bunny theme for my little girl's 1st b-day! I downloaded the invitation but can't figure out how you typed in your own invite and changed the bottom invite decor to carrots! Please help!! As Litsa said, I'd be happy to pay for your files.
    Thanks, in advance, for your time.

  4. Ditto to Avex. Can you fill me in on how you spruced up the invites?

  5. In my former life I was a full time graphic designer now I mostly pour my creative outlet into birthday parties. For the invite I pulled the original into one of my programs and drew carrots for the bottom. The bunnies for the seal were drawn from the bunny statue on the cake table I found at Kohls. I'm humbled by your comments and would love to help you make your party fulfill your dreams! For bunnies and beyond...

  6. I too am planning a bunny birthday bash for my little girl, and would happily pay for your designs if you're willing to share. I'm most interested in the invitation and carrot address labels, but would be also like to know anything else you'd be willing to share. Please email me at

    Katie Maechler

  7. ADORABLE! Do you mind if I ask where you found the bunny bags at? I plan on doing a Bunny Birthday for my daughter when she turns 1 in Oct.(her nickname is Bunny which was given to her by her oldest brother) So bunnies are very special to us. and the dress your mother made is beautiful!
    Thank you!

  8. My daughter, Zoe is obsessed with "hop hops" as she calls the rabbits in our back yard and I am planning her 3rd birthday party. I absolutely love your version of this invite. I figured out how to make the carrot label, but would love if you could send me the template for the invitation. My email is Thanks in advance!

  9. can u temme wr u got those bunny buckets from?

    1. I found the bunny buckets at target in the clearance isle after Easter. Sorry I don't have any other info on the manufacturer or sku

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  11. Just wondering what you had to mix to get the carrot juice, is the peach lemonade a mix you can buy? Thanks :)

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