Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Girls will be girls

After two boys I was a bit surprised to learn our third little was going to be a girl. I had adjusted to being a mom of boys now I was going to have to learn how to deal with emotions and drama. But little did I know how much fun was in my future with pink and frills. The sweater and jeans in the first picture I had purchased when Aiden was about Camille's age at the GAP of course on clearance. I'm not sure why I did, maybe for a shower gift but I never could give it away, I guess thinking I may one day have a girl so for the first time this 7 year old outfit I bought before she was even born was worn.

We had some more girl time before school... I began to play with her hair, apparently I was having too much fun and made everyone late for school! She had two small ponies on the top of her head adorned with little green bows I made for her.

Another one of my favorite girlie things is her caplet my college roommate made for her. I just adore it! There are so many more crafty options for girls. Oh, and tights... can a girl have too many tights?


  1. Not to burst your bubble, just wait until she gets about 6 and won't let you dress her or do her hair how you want anymore. It stinks when they start having an opinion about such things!

  2. That caplet is the cutest! I want one! Girls are awesome!