Monday, January 17, 2011

I have a Dream

Today Aiden started a deep theological conversation about being a disciple along side Jesus while he was alive or knowing what we know now and following him. We had a great conversation way beyond what I would imagine an 8 yr old would have. Then he said if he could have one wish, this was easier for him to answer than asking what his dream for the world would be.

He answered quickly that he would "Wish that everyone would know God."

That little boy of mine has his share of struggles but his spirituality is beyond his years. I wish I could be as selfless as he. These littles teach me something each and every day that make me a better person!

After some thought about differences, strengths and weaknesses. I came to the conclusion that this would tie in perfectly to a Martin Luther King Day lesson. I called the littles in to draw a picture with lots of colors, vibrant and fun. When they were done I asked if it would look as pretty if it was all one color? What if all the world was just one color, what if everyone's God given gifts were all the same? The world would be a pretty boring place. They all were in agreement. We watched part of MLK's original Dream speech talked about disagreeing peacefully (isn't that a good lesson for siblings for another day). We decided we are so thankful things are different in America today and that we can play with whatever friends we want to play with also that there are many colors that make this world BEAUTIFUL!

Camille, Aiden's beach, Gavin's flowers in the wind

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  1. What a great, thoughful kid Aiden is! We always watch MLK's speech too and I'm always surprised at the conversation that we have after. Children "get" a lot more than we often give them credit for!