Saturday, January 29, 2011

Daddy gave Mommy the day off

I'd like to introduce you to the best husband ever, Geoff let me take a day off! How amazing is that, he took our three littles hiking up to Amicalola Falls. Today was a gorgeous, sunny 67 degree day so the weather was perfect for an outside adventure to a water fall.


 I love that he takes photos by signs, this was an idea of his many years back. Once he realized how many photos I took I think he figured we may as well document it with a land mark.

The boys on a big rock

 Ah, the falls!

Oh, the snakes!

Taking a break for lunch at the Lodge. 
Aiden is teaching Camille how to play checkers.

 I'm thrilled they had so much fun and a bit bummed I misssed out on some great moments.
What was I doing with a free no kid day you ask?

Getting a pedicure and having my hair highlighted of course! The weather was perfect and felt like spring time. I was inspired to wear some flip flops... but not before my toes were presentable!

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  1. What an awesome husband! 67 degrees? Really? We are still in the arctic tundra with tons of snow! Cute toes.