Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day #4

I think this is a first for school to be out this many days in a row, but what is more amazing is the amount of snow we sill have. I have family up north and recently was asking what happens to all the snow when it doesn't warm up enough for it to melt. Well, up there they plow it to the sides so life can go on, well here they have 8 snow plows so not much happens other than things just shut down! I have seen photos of the grocery store shelves and there is nothing, I mean nothing but the fake parsley that they put in between the vegetables to add some greenery. It is really crazy to see, good thing I was able to get our rice milk on Sunday, though I doubt that shelf is empty - the plus of having an altered diet I guess. 

So today we went out on an adventure across the, not to Waffle House but next door to Chick-fil-a. We met at the entrance there were 12 kids and 5 adults to make the journey.

 Why did all these people cross the street? To get to Chick-fil-a!
 And why wouldn't you want ice cream when it is freezing outside?!?!
 How they still have the energy to do this is beyond me. Monkeys!
 After "refueling" as Gavin called it we were ready to make the trek back home.
 Stopping to play in every bit of snow they could find.

Behind the lot they use to sell Christmas trees we found a sleigh still set up 
so of course we had to pile in and take some photos.

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