Sunday, January 9, 2011


The forecast was calling for a winter storm and I have to admit I was in disbelief. I have seen so many times they would call for snow and it would never happen. The grocery stores were bare, I know this because we were out of milk so I had to go in, not to stock pile but to actually get milk. I sure am glad I did!

Around 9 pm the snow started, and it came down hard and fast!

 Within an hour we had 2 inches.
I debated about waking the littles up but then decided against it as they would probably not be able to go back to sleep. Hopefully it will stay as pretty through the night.

But just in case my neighbor, Lisa said she would go run around in it with me. The flakes were HUGE, it was the most fluffy snow I think I have ever been in.

 It was difficult to photograph because the flash was catching the flakes. I also only had my point and shoot because it was so wet.
 By midnight we had 5 inches of white fluffy snow, then the ice started and packed it down a bit. School was also canceled, good think I decided not to wake the littles!

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