Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day #2

School is out for another day, wooo hooo! Out we go again for another day in the snow.

 Our backyard still covered in snow, the kids made sure to play back there today in the fresh snow

 Gavin just can't stop eating the snow

Snow ball fight!

 Okay, remember the first day where Aiden ran out in his shorts, he comes by it quite naturally. Geoff came outside and had to try out his version of the polar bear's club.

My little snow bunny.

For dinner we decided we would go on an adventure, guess where...

The Waffle House!
It is funny to me that we have eaten there two times now, though it is right across the street we only eat there about once a year and that is usually Christmas Eve. But alas here we find ourselves again.

 Our trek back home.

We stopped at our neighbors house on the way home to see if we could slide down her hill. It didn't work on our bottoms so Aiden tried on his belly, it worked, and he went down fast. Thus Penguin Sliding was born. We also dug out our wading pool and it worked too. The irony of a swimming pool in the snow got me!
 My turn in the pool.
 I wish you could see how fast he was able to go down, he has no fear!

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