Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day

No shadow uh? I sure do hope he is more accurate than some meteorologists, I'm ready for spring! In honor of that little critter we made a time to celebrate. Cupcakes and books, inspired by a friend of mine at The Princess and The Frog she always finds joy in everyday life and celebrates the less significant holidays. (Funny enough as I went to put her link in here she has done a remake of the cupcake she made at a playgroup many years ago, the one that I have adapted here). 

We read Groundhog Gets a Say. An outspoken Groundhog is upset he only gets a 5 minute limelight and wants more time dedicated to him, he is quickly reminded about the Turkey - hmmm might not be the best thing. It is full of Groundhog facts as well... did you know the Groundhog is a WOODCHUCK? I had no idea, the woodchuck seems more famous probably because of his song. 

Anyway on to the Groundhog Day cupcakes. You will need cupcakes, frosting (green color, optional), Milky Way snack size bars, chocolate chips and a bit of fondant or white gum.

Dig out a hole on an angle for your candy bar to fit into. Keep the crumbs you excavated.

Cut a small chunk away from the bottom of the candy bar where the teeth will go. roll out a bit of fondant and make a crease in the middle with the back of your knife so it looks like 2 buck teeth. 
I bet a stick of white gum would work well too.

Cut a chocolate chip in half, stick it on upside down, it becomes the nose. The other half of the chip cut in half again becomes the squinty eyes. I used peanut butter to glue the chocolate chip on, melted chocolate would look better but I didn't care if you could see some peanut butter peeking out.

I was being hopeful for spring so I colored my frosting green for grass, 
though Aiden sill wanted some snow on his.

Frost them snowy or grassy then add sprinkles of leftover cake for the dirt that little guy dug out...
or not, I left one plain just to make them each different.

This is what my little groundhogs woke up to. 
I might add they woke up before the Groundhog woke up - it was still DARK outside!
Camille made the craft on the left, it is a groundhog on a popsicle stick that can peek up out of his hole.


  1. I absolutely LOVE these and will have to stash this idea away to use next year! Sooo cute!!!

  2. Dawn, these turned out so cute! You just might be the only other person I know who celebrates Groundhogs day! That's why we are such good friends! I love that you found other books too! I'll keep those in mind for next year!