Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My new $20 outfit

2011, A time to de-clutter and clean out some things! In attempt to not get overwhelmed or set myself up for failure with lofty goals, I am going to clean out one thing a month. If I do more, which I hope I do, then it is a bonus. So far I've gotten to the medicine cabinet, the junk drawer in the kitchen (which already needs it again), the kids craft cabinet AND my closet. That last one is a daunting task. I started with the clothes but still need to assess the purses, shoes and other things that have taken residence in there! After dropping off some donations I took some time to peruse. I'm pretty happy with what I found...

An Ann Taylor sweater, Franco Sarto shoes, skirt and a purse. 
All for just under $20! 
That is an exciting frugal purchase.

The shoes have a great buckle on the side.
I think I was inspired by the peep toe because of my new pedicure.

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