Thursday, February 10, 2011

What a week!

Sunday started off like any normal Sunday, though we weren't rushing quite as much as normal, we have started getting ready at 8 for our 10:45 service. This week we were going to be on time. We even coordinated outfits hoping the sun would stay out for a bit so I could grab a few quick photos. Down to the van we went, it would not start not even a little noise, I had left the interior lights on - oops! My super hero husband was going to push it out to jump start it but the gears were locked. He pushed the car forward, rocked it backward, talked nicely to it, turned the wheel back and forth NOTHING. Hmmm, well let's take all the carseats out and put them in the junker and go. And that is what we did - we even arrived at our normal late time for service so no one suspected a thing. I even got a few pics after...

Monday. was a Monday, nothing special other than a dentist appt for the boys. No cavities, yea!

Tuesday. I was driving carpool for both schools, we were trying to get it all together, 3 lunches, coats, backpacks, Valentine treats, therapy bag... all the stuff that goes with school age kids.  Geoff is out of town and Camille had slept in a bit so she was still in her jammies, daddy wasn't here to help out so we loaded up anyway to pick up our carpool route. 

We get to our first school drop off and as Aiden is getting out of the van exclaims "I don't have any shoes on." My logical response is "Well put them on and I'll circle around." Aiden then says "I left them at home." 

Seriously, at home, I had reminded him at least 2 times. Okay so what to do? I sent him into class, told him he may miss PE but that I'd bring him some shoes. I did bring them back to him which put me running late for our Preschool run. As I was loading my two to begin the Preschool carpool route, what do my eyes see? ...Aiden's COAT. Remember he has PE today, I'm sure they will be outside. But I'm not going back a third time!

Wednesday. Aiden gets off to school just fine, with shoes and a coat. yea. 
I have both Gav and Camille dressed to go to our Bible study, the food is packed, we are buckled in ready to pull out and the garage door isn't working right. It will go about 6 inches up then stops. I get out to assess the situation, the pulley and the spring are hanging from the top of the track. Remember Geoff is out of town, I called him anyway. Alas my neighbor calls her husband whom comes home from work (he works a mile away) to help me out. After much laughter and grease stains, we finally got the door to go up AND come back down, which was a concern. Off to our Bible study we go.

Thursday. We woke up to snow again! That was exciting, would they cancel or delay school? 

Nope. normal day right? WRONG! My car is now parked outside due to the garage door malfunction, and the sliding van door is frozen shut! All the littles climbed in the other door and buckled up, as I started the car the beeping began. Apparently we had opened the door just enough that the alert for a door open was going off. We got to listen to that as we drove down the highway. Eventually it did thaw and the beeping ended. We all laughed so hard in the car as I recapped the weeks events - ah, making memories!

Tomorrow is Friday and Geoff took the day off.  I don't dare ask what tomorrow will bring. 

Either way we are going to have a great weekend. Nana & Papaw and Aunt Heather are coming to visit. Geoff booked massages for Valentine's Day!

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